Peter and the Wolf

Welcome to Russia! Travel with Rob and his suitcase full of surprises into deepest darkest Russia, to old man Prokofiev’s house in the woods, where lives the big, hungry Wolf.

Meet Sergei Prokofiev’s world famous characters: young Peter and his Grandfather, the supercilious Cat, the silly Duck, quick-witted Redbird, Ivan and Boris the blundering hunters and of course…. the big hungry Wolf.

An energetic and fun adaptation told with the use of Sea Legs’ wonderfully creative puppets, Rob’s superb storytelling and a brilliant musical score, the audience is hooked from the start as they are led into an enchanting storybook world.

Recommended ages – families/ children age 3+
Running time –  45 minutes + 15 minutes “Meet the Puppets.”

“Absolutely fantastic, I loved it as much as my children.” – Fay Compton, Primary School Teacher and Mum of 3 + 4 year olds, Audience member, Arts Depot, London.

Peter & the Wolf Crew

Artistic Director – Rob Ashman
Drama Director – Johnny Cartwright
Musical Director – Jack Bishop
Puppetry & Performance – Rob Ashman
Puppets & Props – Rob Ashman, Matt Hart, Dominic Harbour, Craig Powell
Set – Matthew Farmer, Matt Hart, Rob Ashman, Jaz Asbury
Costumes – Rhona Muckart, Christine Quinto, Sophia Hutchins, Jayne Lennard
Seamstress – Karen Hughes
Photography and Design – Adam Cove, Carole- Anna Quinto
Many thanks to Craig Powell at Trading Post, Wembley for the very hard to find suitcase.


Vocals – Rob Ashman, Lulu D’Amico, Martin Blake
Piano, Bass and Saxophone – Jack Bishop
Guitar – Martin Blake
Clarinet – Mick Freeman
Flute – Ritchie Cotterell
Violins – Liam Dunachie, Rob Strawson,  Dave Wood
Oboe – Lydia Griffiths
Mandolin – Ian Smith
Tuba – Simon Ellam
Trumpet & Flugal Horn – John Prestage, Michael Prestage
Mixing & Mastering – Paul Cobbold

Review of Peter and the Wolf, South Street, Reading

By A.F Harrold

This production by Sea Legs Puppet Theatre is engaging from the off. Storyteller and puppeteer Rob Ashman quiets the room and focuses the attention with an introductory song based on Prokofiev’s main theme, before setting the guitar and kazoo aside and setting out on his journey into the story.

He receives a letter and a map from Old Man Prokofiev himself, deep in the wilds of the Russian forest, inviting him to come and hear the story. And so he sets out by aeroplane, by taxi, train and on foot across the world to the old man’s cottage. In a movie this would be represented by a moving line on a map and by establishing shots of iconic landmarks along the way, and Sea Legs do the same thing, with a smashing travel montage to some raucous scene setting Cyrillic music.

At the cottage in the deep wilds Rob is told the story of Peter and the Wolf, which he tells to us. As he does so his suitcase becomes a forest and a lake, inhabited by the characters of the tale, the little Red Bird, an argumentative and easily startled duck, a sneaky and supercilious cat and, of course, Peter, his grandfather and later on the Wolf itself.

The story is funny and, although there are some necessary pantomime moments, is never overly hammed up or watered down. The moment the duck gets eaten by the wolf (caught up in his clacking crocodile-like jaws) is quite a brilliant shock, and to balance moments like this against the cat’s very enjoyable double-takes when first introduced to the calm and serene (though still hungry) wolf is both skilful and satisfying.

The ending – which avoids bloodshed by sending the wolf to the zoo and sees all the puppets displayed on procession – ties the loose threads up and puts a lid on the story in a way that won’t leave any nightmares hanging around in children’s brains, but which send them off home with big smiles on their faces and a story to tell whichever adult it was who didn’t get to take them to the theatre.



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    "Sea Legs' provides wonderful storytelling and puppetry. Entertaining both children and adults, I am always asked when they will be back. I cannot speak highly enough of the company and their skills!" - Nikki Small, Deputy General Manager, Farnham Maltings.

    "We were blown away by your performance of The Selfish Giant - so beautiful, haunting, uplifting and special. Lots of the parents have been singing your praises. Thank you for giving us one birthday party we will remember forever!" - Jo Pilkington, Parent, Herefordshire

    "Our audiences can’t get enough of Sea Legs’ shows. They love the beautifully crafted puppets, the lively, inventive storytelling, the colourful sets, the humour and occasional silliness. Younger children especially love being able to ‘meet the puppets’ after the show – and it’s a great pleasure as a theatre programmer to work with someone who’s so easy to deal with!" - Kitty Parker, Roundhouse Administrator, Nottingham Playhouse.

    "I Just wanted to say thank you for the most amazing day today - can't thank you enough. All of the children from pre-school right up were inspired and amazed by your production of The Ugly Duckling!" - Rachel Hughes, Year 1 Teacher, Glenfall Community Primary School, Cheltenham.

    "Little Bo Peep was absolutely excellent - the best children's show we've seen by far. Brilliantly engaging and well told." - Mrs Warrior, Audience Member, ARC, Stockton Arts Centre.

    "All the Sea Legs shows we have seen, have been of a consistently high standard. The children are thoroughly engaged from the onset and entranced by the storytelling. I would highly recommend Sea Legs shows to any school." - Coleen Wilkins, Headteacher, Falconer's Hill Infant School, Daventry.

    "Rarely do I bother to review anything but I felt I had to in this instance...My 4 year old son was totally mesmerised by The Selfish Giant show from start to finish and I love the idea that you simply tell a lovely, meaningful story in an old fashioned fun way. I really hope you come our way again as we would be the first to book in to see you, but for now we have our cd which my son played over and over back at home! - Heidi Azarpour, Audience Member, Stafford Gatehouse.

    "Sea Legs' performances are consistently magical and accessible. Rob connects effortlessly with the audience and has a wonderful way of bringing stories to life!" - Gemma Aston, Director, Riverhouse Arts Centre, Walton on Thames.

    "Thank you for an amazing Little Bo Peep show today. Our daughter was absolutely over the moon, and I'm sure will remember her 5th birthday forever!" - Mark Schottlander, Parent, London.

    "We enjoy Sea Legs' shows for the high quality of story telling but also the exceptional puppets, sets and imagination that goes into each production. As a grown up its lovely to take my daughter to something I know I will enjoy as much as her. We look forward to the next time you come to Nottingham." - Tamsin Peach, Audience Member, Nottingham Playhouse.

    "It was a joy to watch my son and his friend enthralled by your show, Little Bo Peep! - We're looking forward to coming to see your next one." - Rachel Collins, Audience Member, Winchester Discovery Centre.

    "An enthralling experience for all and a great introduction to live theatre for very young children." - A. Taylor, Headteacher, St Mary's Primary School, Fownhope, Hereford.

    "Little Bo Peep was an excellent and very positive experience for our pre-school children. The attention to detail was amazing! I have no hesitation in recommending this show to other pre-schools." - Mrs Alice Bennett, Centre Leader, Madresfield Early Years Centre, Malvern, (Judged Best Nursery in the UK 2012 by NDNA)

    “We always look forward to Sea Legs' performances at Square Chapel as they are always hiqh quality and popular with schools and family audiences alike. The puppets are beautiful and it is always a treat for children to meet them at the end.” Michaela O'Sullivan, Education & Outreach Manager, Square Chapel Centre for the Arts, Halifax.

    "Many thanks for the beautiful production of the Ugly Duckling we enjoyed at the Hive the other day. I had hoped my five and two year old would make it through the tale and it wouldn't be too stressful for me trying to keep them sitting down. As it was, we were absolutely captivated by a magical and moving performance; it was an hour of blissful escapism for myself (tinted with bittersweet nostalgia) as well as being beautiful entertainment for the children." - Camila Stewart, Audience Member, The Hive, Shrewsbury.

    "A fantastic, moving and inspirational performance - Thank you so much and please let us know when you have a new production." - Janette Hinch, Deputy Headteacher, Harewood Infant School, Gloucester.

    "Absolutely spellbinding! Stunning costumes and puppets and exquisite mastery of voice and movement. True storytelling!" - Lucy White, Audience Member, Malvern Theatres.