The Musicians of Bremen and other Sea Legs’ Songs CD


Featuring songs from The Musicians of Bremen, The Ugly Duckling, The Selfish Giant and Little Red Riding Hood plus two specially recorded bonus tracks.


Music features prominently in all Sea Legs’ productions. This CD, as well as featuring songs from The Musicians of Bremen, brings together new recordings of songs from The Ugly Duckling, The Selfish Giant and Little Red Riding Hood. There are also two bonus tracks; Into the Deep (Written for a residency in 2002) and 5 Owls, 9 Cows (written for fun in 2013)

Track Listing

1) Float Downstream (The Ugly Duckling)
2) Toy Heaven (The Musicians of Bremen) Listen Here
3) Our Hearts have got Wings  (The Musicians of Bremen)
4) I Have a Dream  (The Musicians of Bremen)
5) Take me Home  (The Ugly Duckling)
6) Dive into the Deep (Bonus Track)
7) 5 Owls, 9 Cows (Bonus Track) Listen Here
8) Storytime Song (Little Red Riding Hood)
9) The Giant’s Garden (The Selfish Giant)
10) A Change in the Weather (The Selfish Giant)
11) The Musicians of Bremen
12) I Have a Dream (Reprise with Freya)

All songs written by Rob Ashman except 5 Owls, 9 Cows (Freya Stevens- Ashman and Rob Ashman)

The Musicians of Bremen Band
Acoustic Guitar, Ukulele, Vocals – Rob Ashman
Additional Vocals – Annie Wood
Children’s Vocals – Freya Stevens-Ashman, Theo Quinto-Harbour, Talulah Quinto
Harmonica, Accordian, Whistle, Mandolin, Spoons – Aiden Sheehan
Violin, Bass – Dave Wood
Electric Guitar – Craig Powell
Bass – Ian Smith
Percussion – Pedro Brown
Trombone – Dominic Harbour
Djembe – Nick Quinto

Produced by Dave Wood and Rob Ashman
Mixed and Mastered by Dave Wood
Recorded at Broad Oak Studios, Herefordshire

Artistic Director – Rob Ashman
Photography – Adam Cove, Michelle Gerrard, Dominic Harbour
CD Artwork Design – Adam Cove